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The Centre for Conference and Exhibition offers a unique setting for meetings and conferences. Multipurpose facilities and hi-tech equipment make Levi Summit a first-class venue for diverse events from small, private occasions to conferences for more than 400 attendees. Modern, easy to use conference equipment and high-speed communications access ensure that meetings run smoothly. Levi Summit looks forward to being of service to you. Levi Summit is a first-class performing arts venue and offers an extraordinary setting for entertainment events.

The unique Taivaanvalkeat, located in Köngäs village 8 km from Levi on the river banks of Ounasjoki river, is an excellent place for groups, who are looking for something new and different to experience. Taivaanvalkeat and its quiet country surroundings offer rustic style accommodation, a bit of luxury and heavenly food. The main building accommodates 28 persons, caters for 10-100 persons, has meeting equipment and a recreational center. Dining outside can be arranged for up to 300 persons.  


Magical Joulukka lies in the heart of the forest, yet only a 20-minute drive from Rovaniemi. Joulukka is open for groups by special arrangement
The magical Joulukka lets you savour a delicious lunch or dinner spiced with memorable programs. Rich in atmosphere, the Iso-Tokka Restaurant lies deep within the forest. The Iso-Tokka Restaurant seats 120 persons indoors and the outdoor terrace seats another 40 persons.
For more intimate or smaller gatherings we also recommend the Tokka Lappish Tepee, where tasty meals are served in the glow of the open fire.

The Arktikum provides a unique setting for meetings and conferences. The glass-roofed foyer has room for up to 700people – under the dazzling light show of the Arctic Circle sky. It is a short journey from the banks of the Ounasjoki River to the stories and atmosphere of the Arctic. 

Bears Lodge situated 30 kilometres from Rovaniemi, on the banks of a lake and surrounded by ancient forest. During the Cold War this was a secret meeting place for statesmen. Even today the Karhunpesä still offers world-class service in a VIP setting throughout the year.


The Olos Polar Center, completed in 2005, is a conference and congress centre that without a doubt is up to even demanding international requirements. Peace and quiet is top off by Pallas fells spectacular views and scenery.


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