Here are few examples experiences for your group, ask complete itinerary from our office. Also tailor made program according to your wishes.

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The teams rotate from station to station during the snow whirling fun of the winter games, competing against each other by collecting points in different task. 
Upon arrival to the ice track, an open fire with hot berry drinks will present the program of the day. Guests will divide in teams, each with a rally minded name. At the check-points the points will give according to the time / marks achieved. Check-points - slalom track with standard cars.
* slalom track with rally cars and studded rally tires
* rally track with studded rally tires
* handbrake turn with standard cars
* other activities can be added to the program. (ATV, ice carting, mini snowmobile etc.)

Fun day for action: Winter Olympics Lapland-style. Meet your guide in hotel lobby and transfer by private coach to Arctic Circle Olympic Stadium which has built on secluded large area on a frozen river and a snow covered field in the arctic woods. The teams compete against each other by collecting points in various events like reindeer lassoing, skill test on snowmobiles, scooter driving contest in forest, snowshoe race and tandem skiing, push sleigh relay and ice golf, ice carting. Hot drinks and outdoor lunch will serve around one of the campfires.

One of the best ways to get around in Winter Lapland is by snowmobile. For the locals snowmobiles can be a lifeline and are absolutely essential. While you are in Lapland take the opportunity to en roll in a snowmobile driving course. There is no better place to experience the thrill of a lifetime than in the natural spacious surroundings of the Arctic. Driving is easy as the snowmobiles have automatic gears and almost the only thing you have to do is accelerate and brake. Lessons of the day are: learning the correct sitting positions, handling the machine in different driving conditions, slalom track, braking exercises and controlling the balancing, just to mention few of them. Lunch is served aroud the campfire. 

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After driving instructions off you go, first stop today is reindeer farm;
Reindeer husbandry is an important livelihood in Lapland. Reindeers are semi-wild animals, they roam free in the woods and forests, and are collected together only twice a year for reindeer round ups. The reindeer herder will demonstrate how to drive a reindeer sledge, and then it is your turn to participate in reindeer driving test, for which you will receive your own reindeer driving licence! Then on and continue by snowmobiles to husky camp, located in woods. Upon arrival at the camp, there will be greeting by friendly huskies. Local husky musher tells you about his dogs, their nature and their training program. Everyone has a chance to take a short ride in sleigh pulled by team of huskies. There is about a dozen dogs in each husky team, and they all love running! After the ride it is time to say goodbye to the dogs and return to city. Lunch and Arctic Circle Certificate included.


Kemijoki, the longest river in Finland, flows through the town of Rovaniemi. You depart from the middle of the town in traditional long wooden riverboats.
If you thought the days of surprises were over, you will be amazed. After a short boat ride along the river, behind a bend there suddenly appears a kitchen boat with chefs dressed in their white jackets and typical chef's hats. In this floating restaurant with white table clothes everyone has a "window seat" in the open air.  
You enjoy the brunch of delicacies served from the kitchen boat. After the last glass of sparkling wine, return to the city by riverboats.

Your safari guide will meet you at the hotel lobby and take you to our safari club to obtain all the necessary equipment. The trip will begin at a marina near the city centre, where a genuine riverboat with its distinctive tar smell awaits passengers. The beautiful scenery along the river adds a new dimension to Rovaniemi in summer. Rovaniemi was once the legendary town of the lumberjacks and Kotisaari was their home base. This is the place where you can find about the tough but simple life of the lumberjacks.

This is tailor made incentive program for the companies who want offer something special for their customers and employees.
Vika challenge Adventure is contest around Raudanjoki River in wilderness frames. Contest is team competition, which include 10 kilometres hiking along path in woods and cross the swamp to the Vika rapids. After hike, rest and energy refuel there are time for stream swimming and paddling by kayaks and canoes. Each team jump in the river, with life vests and wet suits, and let the stream floats you 1 km down to the river. Rubber raft with the guide will follows each team and secure the safety during swimming. After swimming, it is time to change way to keep going on the river. There are kayaks and canoes waiting you on riverbank. The last part is canoeing and kayaking 3-5 kilometres to the Wilderness centre where warm sauna is ready for you. After the sauna we will enjoy dinner and keep awards ceremony.

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Sauna and dining cottage in the middle of the Lappish nature offers great circumstances for a peaceful and relaxing evening.
Guide will pick you up from your accommodation place and gives you a ride with jeep to the forest. After short walking we will arrive to cottage. First we light on the candles and the fire place and we will take cup of healthy drink. Your guide tells you about heating up the traditional Finnish sauna and after introduction, it’s time to experience one of the most important elements of the Finnish culture by ourselves! After the gentle steam of the sauna have relaxed the body and mind it is time to enjoy delicious dinner made by pure Lappish raw-materials.

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