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The mighty Icebreaker Sampo operates on the northern Gulf of Bothnia out of Kemi in Finnish Lapland. After serving for 30 years in demanding Arctic waters the vessel has gave a new, more fascinating task – to give unforgettable experiences for eager winter adventures! Once on board the Sampo, passengers have a presentation about the ship and guided tour takes you to the massive engine room and bridge. A meal will serve in a ship’s cosy restaurant. And in the middle of largest ice field in Europe, you can drop into the sea and float! Of course, you will wear a warm survival suit. After this unique experience, ship's Captain presents the certificates for you.

Departures from the harbour at noon. The icebreaker will sail out into the open sea, where the customers arriving by snowmobiles are waiting. The ship stops and you board the ship via the drawbridge.
The journey continues through the frozen expanses of the Bothnian Bay in fast ice, giving everyone the chance to experience the thrill of the ice breaking up under the pressure of the ship. The pleasant ship restaurant serves meals in two sittings. On the return journey the ship will stop for the chance for the adult visitors to take a dip into the frigid water, safely using a floating suit. After the swim, the snowmobiles continue their journey and the other passengers return to the harbour at 4 p.m.
Also packages from Rovaniemi to Sampo, ask detailed information from our office.

Snowmobile safari to Sampo Icebreaker incl. cruise and visit to reindeer camp. Popular safari takes you through the beautiful frozen sea to a small reindeer camp. At the camp you can hear about the Lappish reindeer herding and the life of the reindeer. You can also try driving a reindeer pulled sleigh. After the stop and snack snowmobile safari continues towards to the Icebreaker Sampo which has anchored in the middle of the frozen sea. You will see how the ice that can be up to one meter thick breaks on the sides of the ship. Try winter swimming safely wearing special warm dry suites, and have a meal in the cosy restaurant of Sampo. After the cruise safari continue back to Kemi.


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