Here are few examples of Christmas adventures for you, ask complete descriptions from our office. Also tailor made program according to your wishes.

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In a secret place in the middle of the deep forest you will find a magical place called Joulukka. Enjoy the variety of elf activities and you may even find out about Santa's hidden Command Centre or even meet Santa Claus himself.
You can enjoy and participate in various activities instructed by elves. One of the big Christmas mysteries is how Santa Claus and the elves know all the good children around the world, as well as knowing what they want for Christmas.

Are you thinking of arranging something special for your family or group? Santa Claus likes to retire to his special place in the forest, Joulukka. Here we offer you the chance to explore Santa's special place with help of Rudolf and his friends. If you explore with an open heart, you will find Santa Claus and have an exclusive meeting with him. Including transportation. Duration: 2 hours.

Welcome to the world of the Guardians of Lapland! On arrival to Joulukka you will be blind folded and taken on a journey awakening your senses. The Guardian of Lapland will enchant your mind with mystic melodies of traditional drums, move your heart with predictions of before hidden future and intrigue your taste buds with blind tasting of local delicacies. After been enlightened into the greatest mysteries of the Lappish forest you will be pronounced a member of the Guardian Brotherhood and will be granted with a powerful amulet which will determine your destiny, carve your future and give you your very own “Guardian name”. Afterwards feast on a delicious dinner in a wooden hut in the midst of the forest and joyfully celebrate becoming one of the Guardians of Lapland. Including transportation. Duration: 3,5 hours.

Everyone loves Christmas, but in Finland it is the most important celebration of the year. Joulukka opens its doors for you to discover firsthand the Finns’ favorite Christmas traditions. Baking of Christmas pastry called “tähtitorttu” is something that everyone in the family joins in. You can also put your artistic skills to the test in our workshop, where you learn how to make traditional Finnish Christmas decorations out of straw. Fetching your very own Christmas tree from the snowy forest is something that all the Finns can remember from their childhood. Finding the right tree can be a little difficult, but the satisfaction of getting the perfect Christmas tree where you can hang your self-made decorations makes it truly worthwhile. Including transportation. Duration: 4 hours.

At Rovaniemi, near the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus has his own home cave where bustle of the elves continues all year round. From the entrance the visitors walk through a mysterious passage, which leads them into marvellous adventures inside the cosy cave.

Children as well as the adults are surely eager to meet Santa Claus himself at his Workshop, where the beloved Old Man awaits with a big smile. However, Santa Claus isn’t the only Christmas's character one can meet inside Santa Park, for the cave’s hallways are also filling with cheery activities of the elves. The elves also help the visitors in the Elf Workshop, where the task is to make your own Christmas decoration from scratch. In the Post Office visitors can send their own Christmas greetings anywhere in the world and buy lovely souvenirs. Santa Park’s Sleigh Ride takes its riders through the four seasons in Finland and plunges straight into the elves’ toy factory, where the presents has already made for upcoming Christmas. And at the central square everyone can taste the delicacies of the cafeteria while enjoying the mystical atmosphere of Santa Park’s very own fabulous show.

Upon your arrival, a cheerful Elf will welcome you to Joulukka. The Elf leads you to Professor Elf´s cabin where he is almost certainly fast asleep and he must be wake up. Once awake, Professor Elf leads you to the Fairytale Path. The path takes you through the mystical forest where you can enjoy the beautiful and pure Lappish nature. Professor Elf leads you towards the best kept secret of the Elves: Santa´s Secret Command Centre. If you are on your best behaviour, you'll have a chance to peek inside the Command Centre where the Elves are already busy preparing Christmas. Letters from children arrive at the Command Centre in a peculiar way. How exactly? In the Command Centre you can find it out. And of course you will have a chance to meet Santa Claus himself. Including transportation. Duration: 3 hours.

The Elf of Joulukka, one with age over 200 years and with pointy ears and a cute pointy nose will welcome you to Joulukka. She will guide you through the candle lit path to laavu, traditional Lappish fireplace where you can enjoy hot drinks and sausage while listening the stories of the Northern Lights and might even see them dancing in the sky. Santa Claus will come to join you in laavu and you can share the precious moment with the old man himself. Including transportation. Duration: 2 hours.

More information and bookings from our office: or +358 (0) 16 365100


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