Here are few examples of Lapland experiences for you, ask complete descriptions from our office. Also tailor made program according to your wishes.


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After stepping out of the car in the middle of nowhere, we walk down to a river experiencing the surrounding sleeping nature. We reach the best spot to please our eyes, but be patient the aurora loves playing hide-and-seek; we never know when they can show up! While observing nature’s own theatrical performance we fry sausages surrounded by the great aroma of the fire. Before returning to civilization, we drop by a cosy old building “Poro-Pekan Pirtti”. The hosts warmly welcome us and show us their dwelling, which takes us into the past. This relaxing escape will definitely satisfy all our senses. Transfer to the wilderness and back by car (50 km one way).
Duration: 4 hours.

Transportation by car to a reindeer farm to try reindeer sleighing. This traditional way of travelling through snowy forests is a unique experience – in the evening, you may even see the Northern Lights blaze up the sky. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a bun around a campfire and learn about the life of reindeer herders.
Duration: 2-2,5 hours.

Wilderness snowmobile safari. Enjoy the great outdoors on this safari to the heart of nature. The trail traverses rugged fells and narrow valleys before coming to the first stop, where you have the chance to try ice fishing and snowshoe walking. You’ll then continue onwards through the forest – perhaps coming across a herd of reindeer searching for their favourite food, moss and lichen, buried under as much as one metre of snow. Keep your eyes out for other forest animals searching for food! The weather in Lapland can change quickly – ranging from cold, blizzard conditions to sunshine over crisp and clean snow – the snowmobile trail we will follow may change accordingly. A delicious Lappish style lunch will be served during the day.
Duration: 5-6 hours.

Ride along a trail traversing snow-covered landscapes. Visit a husky ranch and learn about the daily life and training of these friendly Arctic dogs. Take a short ride in a sled pulled by a husky team and enjoy a cup of hot berry juice around a campfire.
Duration: 3 hours.

Head north on a snowmobile trail that takes you along the frozen River Ounasjoki and through snowy forests up into the hills, where you can admire the beautiful surrounding countryside of Lapland. Follow the trail through white, snow-covered fields to arrive at a small wilderness lake. The silence will envelop you as you prepare to go fishing. Try your hand at traditional ice fishing and fry your catch over a campfire. Afterwards, return to town for a well-earned rest.
Duration: 3,5 hours.

The day starts with a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm where you will hear more about reindeer husbandry and Lappish culture. You can take a reindeer ride and attend a special Lapp ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. After the visit we go by car to a cosy restaurant for delicious lunch. In the afternoon you will have time to do shopping in Santa Claus Village. You will also have an opportunity to send postcards from Santa Claus’s main post office. During the day you get to meet Santa Claus himself. You will get a Diploma for crossing the Arctic Circle. Return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobiles.
Duration: 6 hours.


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