Here are few examples of Lapland experiences for you, ask complete descriptions from our office. Also tailor made program according to your wishes.

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After receiving all necessary clothing and driving instructions you will set off by snowmobiles across changing terrain. On the way you will drive across open lakes, bog lands and through the snowy Lappish forests. Lunch will be serving at a wilderness restaurant and you will visit Lainio Snow Village with its beautiful ice and snow sculptures. This excursion is suitable for children of 15 or over.
Duration: 4-5 hours.

Come and experience the crisp, frosty winter day by driving through the snow covered forest by snowmobile! You receive driving instructions and safety rules - and then you are ready for adventure. This experience introduces you to the unforgettable Lappish nature as you snowmobile through snowy forests and over frozen lakes. On route enjoy a peaceful break and warm berry juice. Return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobiles.
Duration: 2 hours.

After receiving all necessary clothing, you will depart by bus to the husky camp for a truly memorable dog sledding experience! This sporty husky safari takes you out into the Lappish wilderness with the eager dog teams. After the safari, enjoy hot berry juice while listening to stories about the husky dogs. Return to the safari club by bus.
Duration: 3 hours.

After the guide’s snowmobile driving instructions, you turn onto the snowmobile track and follow it through the snow covered nature to a local reindeer farm. At the farm the reindeer owner has a carefully selected group of reindeer which he has trained for sledge pulling, and for reindeer races. The reindeer herders will demonstrate how to drive a reindeer sledge, and then it is your turn to take approximately a 1 km ride. Coffee or tea will be serving at the farm. After the coffee break you return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobiles.
Duration: 3-4 hours.

Come and experience an exotic Arctic evening by driving through snow covered forests and over frozen lakes by snowmobile. With a little luck, if the sky is clear, the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show you the way. Enjoy a delicious snack of sausages and warm drinks around an open fire before returning to the Safari Club by snowmobile.
Duration: 3 hours.

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The journey begins at Safari House in Levi, where the guide gives instruction on snowmobile driving, handling and regulations. We then change into appropriate equipment. You will drive by snowmobiles to Kätkäjärvi, where you change the horse-powers to reindeer-powers! You will drive the reindeer pulled sledges on a curved trail in a snowy forest and arrive to a small lake full of fish. Try to catch your meal, a rainbow-trout, by ice fishing! In case you are not lucky, the host of the lake has promised to cook delicious soup by the fire of his wooden tiipii. After the lunch you will drive by reindeer back to the snowmobiles. Return back to the Safari Club House by snowmobiles.
Duration: 4 hours.


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