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Rukahovi's row-house apartments located near the lower station of the Kelorinne ski lift, about 300 meters from the hotel. All apartments are well equipped with a kitchenette, microwave oven, sauna, telephone and cable TV, some with dishwasher and oven
Apartments 30 m²: 2 - 3 person: 1 room with kitchenette and beds, dining table, sauna.
Apartments 30 m²: 4 persons: Room with kitchenette, dining table, sauna.
Sleeping loft 10 m² where is 4 beds 2 x 90 cm and 2 x 80 cm (wide)
Apartments 46,5 m²: 5 persons: Apartments with 2 bedrooms, in one bedroom is bunk bed and 1 bed, in another bedroom is 2 beds. Sauna and bathroom.
Apartments 46,5 m²: 6 persons: Bedroom for 2 persons, combined living- and dining room Sauna and bathroom, big loft where is 4 beds.