In this section some examples of Snow & Igloo accommodation in Lapland.

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Arctic Snow Hotel offers you an exotic opportunity to spend a night sheltered by snow and surrounded by picturesque and placid Lappish nature. The Snow Hotel – as the name suggests – is made of snow and ice. You can sleep in a warm sleeping bag safe from the cold and dark winter night. Frost will not spoil the enchanting peace and quiet of the rooms because the temperature always stays between 0 and −5 ºC, even in extremely cold weather. The hotel provides a normal sauna as well as a snow sauna with its uniquely humid atmosphere. Outside the sauna you can dip into a large hot tub under the northern lights to sip a warm drink. Alternatively, you can work up your courage and take a quick snow bath. Whichever you choose, it is bound to make your blood rush! Sámi hut and log restaurant in the yard.


Glass igloos are located 30 km from Rovaniemi city in the middle of beautiful Lappish country side  
When sky is clear you are maybe so
lucky and are able to see Aurora's dancing in the sky. Arctic Glass Igloos – All with sky vision in complete comfort 
Private, comfortable and spacious (20 m2) Igloos with Glass roof 
All are warmly insulated, all-sky vision, thermal-glass roofs, heated floors, adjustable twin beds, a bathroom with a shower cabinet
Breakfast included

Igloos are fully roof over with glass so that the sky at night, the Northern Lights or the white nights of summer are always just above you.
The glass has heated so there is no condensation or any draught. Designed to be suitable also for longer-term occupation, these ingenious 23 m² igloos are equipped with kitchenettes and bathrooms. But the most important thing of all is the motorized rotating bed in the centre of the igloo that allows you to follow the sky at your leisure! 


Spending a night in the SnowHotel is not only an arctic, but a pleasant experience. Slip into the warm and comfortable sleeping bag and rest your senses in the tranquil silence of the igloo. A night in the SnowHotel, surrounded by beautifully illuminated ice art and thick snow walls, is truly a night to remember.
Twin room: You sleep in high quality thermal sleeping bags in a round shaped igloo room. The room is made of snow and decorated with a bed frame and bedside tables made of ice. Includes a guided tour inside the Snow Village, sleepover instructions, high quality sleeping bags and fleece lining bags, shower and toilet facilities, and room wake up with hot berry juice, buffet breakfast in warm log restaurant and a diploma of igloo overnight stay. Restaurant and excursion programs.

Santa's Hotels has built 10 entirely new kind, lavishly appointed glass igloos in Luosto by Santa's Hotel Aurora. Rooms have been introduced in February 2015.

Santa's Hotels’ glass igloos are intended for year-round use. The new glass-roofed, arctic view rooms offer a whole new opportunity to experience Lapland, the ever-changing nature by bringing it closer than ever. Staying in these rooms a unique landscape of Luosto presents itself outside the windows every day in a new way. Northern lights, midnight sun, autumn colors and winter polar night are nearby and you can experience them while enjoying the comforts of a hotel room.


In the Snow Hotel there are rooms for singles, couples as well as bigger groups and of course a Honeymoon Suite. The whole Snow Hotel and the rooms inside are made of snow. The fresh, about - 5 degrees Celsius breathing-air, will guarantee you sweet dreams inside a well-equipped sleeping-bag on a good bed. You will have a memorable sleeping-experience in the Snow Hotel! Sleeping in the Snow Hotel includes also breakfast served inside the warm Castle Lounge and after breakfast you will have the chance to go and take a shower and go to the sauna in a nearby Hotel.


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